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Cementanious Floor Screed

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A specialist applied, self-levelling, epoxy modified cementitious floor screed finish combining outstanding wearing properties with chemical resistance and decorative properties. Ideally suited in areas where a seamless, joint free finish is required and maximum cleanliness is essential. Clean rooms, and general light industry are just some of the environments that can benefit from this system. When over coated with Epoxy coating like ARDEX ENDURA R 35 CE Solvent Free High Build Epoxy Coating, the chemical resistance properties are enhanced. It is also suited for the areas where high hygiene is required


  • Toxic free, solvent free, interiors application
  • Excellent resistance to wear & abrasion
  • Excellent slip resistance to vehicular & foot traffic
  • Suitable with cementitious toppings
  • Suitable on damp concrete surface
  • Provides combining strength of both cement & epoxy