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The Truth About Epoxy

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Almost every industrialists and homeowners over the years would have heard about a flooring solution known as epoxy that gives your floors a glowing finish. SGA Solutions provide you the best epoxy flooring in Coimbatore. Epoxy is the preferred flooring choice for most commercial spaces, factories, car parking and warehouses since concrete polishing gives the floors a better finish and added life. It also has a significant and impressive reputation as the best flooring option for garages.

Let’s brush on some of the pros that epoxy,

Maintenance is Easy:

Industries and garages can be a messy place at times. Aside from the cars that bring in dirt and other debris from the outside, it can also be the site of spills. This is why epoxy flooring is so popular among car owners. It is famously easy to clean with a dry mop or a wet mop to remove stubborn dirt.


Unlike other flooring materials that can be costly to install, epoxy flooring actually comes in the form of epoxy coating that is “painted” onto the existing floor underneath. That you can get an entirely new and remarkable floor from a liquid solution makes it a unique and popular flooring solution. And because it is so simple, epoxy is one of the cheapest flooring options on the market.

Superior Resistance:

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is superiorly resistant against various external aspects making it a better option for flooring. It is heat-resistant, water-resistant, resistant against oil spills and other stains. It is also notoriously hard for bacteria to breed on epoxy, making it incredibly sanitary. In order to give the floors of car parking sections provide better grip to the vehicles with epoxy floor coating SGS Solutions deliver the best slip resistant coating in Coimbatore. The anti-static property of epoxy wall coating and epoxy floor coating assists in prohibiting any static-electrical charge and avoids accidents in industries.


Usually, epoxy floors last for at least 10 years since they are UV resistance coating. But with proper care and maintenance, that life span can extend to 20 or 25 years. With flooring in the garage, epoxy flooring brings a great advantage of longevity.