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We had a great experience with SGA Solutions, We have done with Epoxy flooring for our industry, their work was amazing the clean and smooth finish gives rich look to our industry. We feel proud when our clients praise our flooring and their shine. One of o ur Client suggested us the SGA Solutions for Epoxy Flooring. We are thankful to that person for redirecting us to the right place.


Before doing Car Park Coating we feel very bad whenever the cars move out of that place. Because it will be too ugly and very expensive to clean the parking space. But now, the Car Park Coating makes us feel happy, we are able to clean the parking lot easily without much expenses. We are very happy for choosing the best place. We will recommend the Car Park Flooring to all my friends and business circle.


I am one of the highly satisfied customers of SGA Solutions. I have installed Epoxy flooring with Waterproofing systems, we are happy with this feature which is very helpful during the rainy season. Normally its very tough to maintain the floor when rainwater comes inside the industrial building. The floor used to suck the water and get dirt. Since we have Epoxy flooring with waterproofing systems, water won’t get sucked up by the floor.

-Nandha Kumar